Ongoing Solar Co-Development Initiatives

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At VLA, we are proud to be engaged in a diverse range of solar co-development projects, ensuring our clients’ success in the clean energy industry. With a total installed power of 1,2GWp, our portfolio is a testament to our commitment to driving sustainable growth and maximizing returns for our clients. 

VLA is playing a pivotal role in co-developing large utility- scale solar projects in Romania.

From site selection and permitting to project management and grid integration, VLA demonstrated their expertise and commitment to excellence, resulting in highly successful and cost- effective ventures.

Our innovative approach incorporates cutting-edge technology and best practices, ensuring the highest possible energy output and long-term operational efficiency.

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At VLA, our expertise
recommends us in developing
greenfield solar projects up to the RTB stage


Fully Bankable Projects

By adhering to international standards and leveraging our industry knowledge, we ensure that our projects are fully bankable


Join us in our journey towards a renewable future, where greenfield solar projects pave the way for sustainable, clean energy